Welcome! You are here for a reason….

Hi! I’m Stephanie Farrell and I’m so happy that you have found my website. Something that I am so passionate about is helping other people live the life of vitality and happiness that they deserve. Everyone deserves that….don’t you think?

My Health and Wellness Program is for EVERYONE! Just of few of the benefits are:

  • Better Sleep!
  • More Heathy Energy
  • Happier Moods
  • Look and Feel Years Younger
  • Better Workout Results
  • Pounds and Inches Melt Away LIKE CRAZY!

These things and more are the reason that I am so excited to get out of bed every day and discover who’s life this program is going to bless today.

The reason I get so dang excited about this is because of all the wonderful benefits I have experienced first hand. Here is my story.

Once upon a time….I was 45 years old. Happily married. Wonderful kids and grandkids. Nice home. Partners in a fun Yoga studio. Strict vegan. I had every reason to be happy. To be fit. To be the best that I could be. But….I was not. I was tired. Stressed. I felt frumpy, old, and fat. I wondered if this was just what the rest of my life was going to be. Is this what I had to look forward to?

A friend of mine found a “cleansing” program on the internet. I read the amazing stories on the website and I got excited! If just a fraction of what had happened to them would happen to me…I would be estatic! So, I took a leap of faith and ordered the best program they had to offer. This was something that I was going to do for ME! And, it had a money back guarantee….so I had that thought in my back pocket. Lol

I got the system the week of Thanksgiving. I decided to GO FOR IT! My first two days were cleansing…NO regular food. Many people are calling this intermittent fasting. Only it’s waaaaay better! I drank a wonderful cleanse drink that was filled with powerful nutrients. I was not hungry like I expected. I sneaked a peek at my scale after day one and what I saw was so shocking, I can’t even tell you!! It would not sound real. But, it was. And, then….the magic happened. One the third day, I had my first meal replacement shake. Now, I had experienced many protien shakes before. Yep. Lots. But, this one was different. First of all, it tasted great! Like a fun treat. It filled me up, and that satisfying feeling lasted. But, the BEST part was that I felt different. Like a dark cloud that had been following me around for years, suddently lifted! The sun was out and I was HAPPY. I didn’t even know that my happiness was missing until it came back. Wow. I felt less stressed and just calm. I remember thinking SCREW the diet! I just want to feel this good every day. For the record, as I write this thirteen years later,


I still feel that amazing happiness and calm. Like a 13 year “healthy high”. So, I knew in that moment that I wanted this FOOD in my body forever.

And, the weight did drop off! I released pounds and inches in a way that I had never experienced before! It was so exciting. I had to keep buying new SMALLER clothes! Good problem, right?

I shared it with my best friend. She had been struggling with a low carb diet and wasn’t feeling all that great. She went on this program and had amazing results. Next…hubby. Then my daughter…then my son. And, the list goes on and on. I love to share it with everyone!! And, now, it’s YOUR turn. You found me for a reason. Take the leap and find out how amazing you can feel. You deserve to live the best life that you can and I want to help you do just that. Contact me right away and I will help you get started. I’m so excited to see what YOUR story is going to be!!

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