Youthful Aging
June 4, 2018

My secrets to aging younger, and what it feels like to be almost 60

I’m going to turn 60 on my next birthday. I tell you this because I don’t feel like I’m 50. I have lived, grown and evolved since then. I mean, it’s been almost a decade. So, then I say that I’m 59, it sounds like I’m in my 50’s, which sounds like I’m 50 (NOT). I love the stage that I’m at. I realized that I could just say “almost 60” or “I’ll be 60 on my next birthday”. So, I said that the other day, and my friend said, with a smile, when’s your birthday? Lol. A year from now (I just had my birthday). Yes. You may giggle now.

Why does any of this matter? Because I have discovered something pretty amazing. A way to look and feel years younger. And, it’s working. People seem so suprized when I share my age. And, I love that! The reason that I love that, is because I can share my amazing discovery and then THEY can look and feel years younger too. And, everything that comes with that. If you were years younger….what would that mean in your life? More vitality! More energy! More excitement about life in general? More inspiration, more ideas, more goals?  So much. And, physically, looking and feeling years younger means that you can literally DO MORE. Feel and be stronger. If you have health challenges, wouldn’t being younger help with that? So, if you look and FEEL younger, health challenges, it seems to me, would improve. That’s been my experience and it’s also been the experience of so many others.

My husband IS 60. And, he is in a job (photographer) that usually involves people much younger than he is. Half his age. And, he is running circles around them. Literally. He has so much energy and stamina, he can work for hours, many times 12-17 hours and still have energy and creative ideas up to the very end. How does a 60 year old do that? I personally believe that my amazing discovery is the reason.

So,what is my amazing discovery? It the study of Telomeres. Have you heard of this? Google it! You will be surprised by what the telomeres do in your body. The bottom line….without going in to science and a bunch of facts….healthy telomeres are the key to looking and feeling years younger, and all the benefits that go along with it. If you could take unhealthy telomeres and make them healthy, it would be LIFE CHANGING!

What I am doing for my telomeres is a natural product called Isagenesis. It is for Telomere health. I take this with all of my other healthy supplements. This one thing is a game changer. If you want to know more, take a look at my website, do your own research and get started on your own daily regimen right away! And…who else do you know that you can share this with? Who else wants and needs to look and feel years younger? Not just for cosmetic reasons. The reason is for LIFE. To live your life to the fullest! To feel your best! To operate physically and mentally at a higher level. And, the youthful aging on the outside…well I won’t complain about people thinking I’m ten years younger than I am. But, I will TELL them. Nope, I’m NOT 50. I’m almost 60. There is a reason that I look younger, and I feel younger on the inside….and YOU can too.


Here is the video:

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